Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

If done right you can have a great Thanksgiving Dinner for a very reasonable cost

I am going to show you what I have planned for my Thanksgiving Dinner 4 adults 2 children and 
What it has cost me so far. 

Stove Top Stuffing $.88
11 Pound Turkey $5
2 Cans Del Monte Corn Price Matched at Walmart for Target's Price of $.49 each
1 Can Cranberry Price Matched at Walmart for RiteAid's Price of $.88 each
1 Can Dole Pinapple Price Matched at Walmart for RiteAid's Price of $.88 each
Potatoes 5 lb Bag From Savmart a few weeks ago $.97
in my house we drink ALOT of the Sparkling Cider its like a family tradition to have 1 bottle per person Safeway Brand $1.79 each
Safeway Brown and Serve Rolls $1.50
2 Bags Ruffles $4.29 for both
Sara Lee Apple Pie Free at Safeway
Total Cost: $23.84

I will make my own Gravy $0
i will add Sauteed onions, celery and apples to my stuffing $0
I already have Pumpkin Pie filling $0
I still need to get Olives and Carnation Evap Milk from Rite Aid $.88 each ($3.52) and I need sour cream ($2.00 estimate)
I already have onion soup mix in my cupboard $0
I also need pie crust may just make my own ($4 estimate if I buy it)
I will be purchasing another turkey before Turkey day $5

Final Cost Estimate: $38.36

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