Monday, November 14, 2011

Never lose your keys again...Finders Key Purse®!

$15 for $30 worth of great products for Moms at:

 "When your hands are full, when the parking lot is empty, when you need your keys fast, you need Finders Key Purse. It's a hook that you place over the top of one side of your purse. The outside (which hangs on the outside of your bag) is a decorative charm. The inside has a clasp on which to hook your keys.

NO MORE DIGGING to the bottom of your purse, diaper bag or briefcase to find your keys."
Direct quote taken from 8Moms website

 So, what you do is purchase the voucher through 8mom's website. They will email you a coupon code to input at the isnt this clever website. $30 will be deducted from your purchase total, your total before shipping and coupon redemption must be $30 or more. 

I did some looking around and this is 1 way you could work the deal:
3 Keep Purse @ $5.95 
2 Keep Purse @ $6.95 
Total comes to $31.75
Your coupon deducts $30 
Total is $1.75 plus $5.00 for shipping
Grand total of $6.75 for 5 of these adorable things! That makes them only $1.35 a piece!

Great Christmas gift!!

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