Thursday, July 14, 2011

Commissary Trip {7/14}

I love how couponing is gaining popularity, I know some of you are experiencing grouchy cashiers and rude customers in line behind you... but I have to say my experience has been MUCH different. I basically shop only at the commissary and the cashiers here are so friendly and fast, I dont dread handing over my stack of Q's at all.  
While I was there this morning @ 9am, I saw a man me and my gym girls refer to as "Mr. Mom" He is in the gym 4x a week, with his 2 little boys in a stroller doing weights and yoga. I have also seen him many times after the gym at the commissary getting odds and ends.. but never have I seen him with a Q binder.
Well, I think "Mr. Mom" has hopped on the coupon bandwagon! There he was, with his shopping cart and binder! I had to take a double glance to be sure it was the same guy. My doubts were gone when he struck up a quick convo with me in the snack/cereal isle. "With a coupon, these (refering to the nutter butter and teddy grams) are only .50!" I said, "Oh really, wow!" And he said, "Yep, I have a few extra coupons for them if you'd like" I said, "Sure! Cant pass up that deal!" and he gave me 2 coupons for the snacks which I quickly picked out and said "Thanks! These will help me keep the little one quiet, for a little while at least" We laughed and were on our way.
The rest of the shopping trip was organized chaos, which most mom's are used to I suppose. "Dont touch that!" "Nope, not today" "Honey, watch where you are going" and "Ugh, yes, we can go to the potty"
I ended my trip on a high note, there was an in store Q for Coffee Mate. Not my favorite brand of creamer, but when its only $2.59 and the Q is $1/1 making it only $1.59, I am gonna grab a couple for the freezer. :)

Overall, here is the break down of my trip:
2 coffee mate creamer- $2.59 {2/ $1/1}
2 International Delight creamer- $2.79 {2/ .55/1}
2 Pasta sauce- $1.89 ea {$1/2}
1 salsa- $2.00 {.50/1}
5 crunchy taco shell pks- $1.19 ea {5/ $1/1} =.19ea!!!
4 snack pack cookies- $1 ea {2/ .50/2}
2 boxes of cereal- $2.49 ea {2/ .75/1}
10 canned chilis- .75 ea {5/ $1/2}
2 taco sauce- $1.81 {$1/1} 
4 cooking cream cheese- $1.50 ea {4/ $1/1}
1 loaf bread- $1.69 {$1/1}
2 pantiliners- .89 ea {2/ .50/1} =.39ea!!!
3 bar soap- $2.06 {3/ .75/1}
4 liquid soap- $1.19 {4/ 50./1} =.69ea!!!

Retail: $67.03
OOP: $38.49 = 60% savings! 


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