Sunday, July 10, 2011

Commissary Coupons

Christin here! 
I wanted to remind all the military families out there to grab your copy of "Family" by the front entrance @ the commissary

For June there are the following coupons:

"OFF" insect repellent {4 separate coupons, various amounts}, 
Hellmanns/Best Foods mayo {.50/1} 
Fisher Nuts {$1/2}  
Bertolli sauce {.40/1} 
Newman's Own 'Lighten Up' dressing {.50/1} 
Slim Fast (any) {$1/1} and {.50/} SF meal or snack bar multi packs 
Colgate toothpaste {.50/1} 
Softsoap body wash and liquid hand soap {.50/1} (2 separate coupons) 
Lady Speed Stick deodorant {.50/1} 
Irish Spring deodorant, bar soap and body wash {.50/1} (3 separate coupons) 
Sara Lee lunch meat {.35/1} 
Breyers Ice cream {.50/1} 
Bertolli frozen meals {$1/1}
Johnsonville brats {.75/1}
Cooper Cheese {.40/1}
Snuggle fabric softener {.50/1} (liquid/sheets)
'ALL' laundry detergent {$1/1}

Happy savings! 

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