Monday, November 21, 2011

Earn @Swagbucks by using coupons!

I have recently added a new section to my binder just for Swagbucks coupons.
For every Swagbucks coupon you redeem you will be rewarded 10 sb! 
Again, another great way to earn free money!

If you dont know what Swagbucks is, its a really awesome search engine that randomly pays you with points to search! 
When you have accumulated 450 points you can turn them in for a $5 amazon gift card, FREE money in my eyes! 
You can also get 3 points a day by doing the daily poll and the "No Obligation Special Offer" or NOSO.

I made a cover sheet for my binder that I slipped in a page protector at the front of my binder and added a couple baseball card inserts behind it to keep all my Swagbucks coupons separated from the rest of the printables, they look exactly the same as the other printables.. but to me these are waaay more valuable! :D 
If you want the full size 8x11 cover sheet you can download it here: 

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