Wednesday, October 5, 2011

E-Cookbook Roundup

 Ok, so not a lot of people know this, but I am a recipe addict. 
I read cookbooks like people read novels, cover to cover. I cant help it, I love to read recipes and imagine the flavor in my head as I'm reading the recipe. I love to go to my base thrift shop and pick up old cookbooks for .50-$1.00 and take them home and curl up on the couch and read, image and drool. ;) 
I have been known to raid my mother in laws recipe drawer and sit for at least an hour, sometimes 2 and copy down family favorites. My favorites are ones passed down from her mother. They are so yummy and you can feel the love in the recipe. My kids often ask,"What did you put in here, how did you make this so good?!" I always reply "love" 
So when e-cookbooks were "invented" I was in recipe heaven. I could have any and all the recipes my little heart could ever want, for free! Granted, they aren't as satisfying as flipping through a stained cookbook, drops of this and that on the page, oily finger prints at the corners. But they are recipes just the same and I cant wait to create them in my kitchen for my family.

Here are a few e-cookbooks that I love and I'm sure you will too.
Chicken recipes 100+ recipes using chicken
Fall Recipes cooking with squash, apples and other fall favorites
Stone Soup 5 ingredient recipes

Picture of cookbooks from "Not Martha"

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