Saturday, September 24, 2011

HOT deal for VAMPIRE costume!

If you have an account and have credits available in your account, you can snag a pretty great Halloween costume for cheap!

I looked through tons of costumes looking for the best cheapest ones to snag this deal, here's what I found. 

A Sexy countess costume and a matching bite mark for your "victim" 
Total comes out to $20.48 before shipping and the 8moms deal discount. 
After the 8moms discount (you have to purchase it, details below)  
Your total will be $10.48! (+s/h)

This is how it works: 
1) Click the green buy now button and enter your email address and zip code. You will have to pay $10 to get the deal. In cash if you have no credits to your account, or pay with your account credits. 
2) You will then be directed to the Halloween Express Shopping page. 
3) Add these 2 items to your cart: 
4) At checkout you will automatically receive a $10 discount on your order of $20+ No coupon code needed.

On sale for 16.49, normally 34.99!  

On sale for $3.99 normally $4.79


guess it depends on how 'thirsty' you are! ;) 

On sale for $3.99 normally $4.79

That's already a savings of $20.30! 


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