Monday, August 1, 2011

Walgreens and Albertson's Trip

So last night a friend and I went and did a Walgreens run. Where we live Walgreens is a pretty good distance away and with the road construction currently going on its a nightmare to drive into town.. but we finally choose a day and went.
I have to give a HUGE shout out to our cashiers, Michael and Katy (Walgreens in Spokane. Argonne Rd, store # 7846) They were so helpful and completely willing to help my friend and I figure out the ropes of the B1G50% and stack it with a B1G1 mfg Q. I left the store on a bargain hunters high!
I had some Q's for the Axe, Gillette and Old Spice that expired yesterday, so I was able to use those and stack them on the B1G50% deals Walgreens is having right now. Also had Q's for the Skintimate and Precise.
Retail: $ 54.41
OOP: $ 25.74 after tax
Saved 47% :)

Then, we drove across the street to Albertsons to try our hand at the Alb's Doublers. So to be totally honest here... I think I've just been spoiled with being able to shop at the Commissary because all the "deals" they were having weren't anything compared to the EDLP (every day low prices) at the Commy.
I went in with my mind set on getting the General Mills cereals for $1.88 a box. I had {3} $1/2 Q's which 2 of them I "doubled" 
Retail: $34.52
OOP: $11.60
Saved: 66%!!  {{My Personal Best}} :D
Also had a Q for the butter and Skinny Cow's. 

Cant wait to get back into town and get some deals on the Pantene! I have my FREE Q for a full size bottle that is "burning a hole" in my binder! ;) 


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