Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Commissary Trip {7/27}

So, last night I was browsing my favorite couponing forum, A Full Cup.
I discovered a thread dedicated to Military couponing and Commissary/BX/PX related threads! I had no clue the treasure trove I had just discovered! 
Did you know that you can browse the ENTIRE list of commissary sales @ your base?! 
 *Note it is against Commissary policy to copy/paste this list with prices to the internet.  
Go here, log in with your name, SSN, and birthday. Then pick your Commissary and it will list all the sales items, UPC code, percentage off, and sale price!  

Now you can do all your match ups for the Commissary! And we know how hard that is to do since there aren't weekly circulars advertising the store sales. 

Had to get WIC.. we were out of milk for 3 days! :\ And here is what I came home with. :)
Visine for contacts- $3.03 {2} $2/1 & {1} $1/1
Ralston Cereals- B1G1 free $2.10 {in store Q} bought 2 boxes, got 2 free
Silk Soy Milk- $2.89 {2} $1/1 
Minute Maid Pomegranate Lemonade- $1.75 {2} $1/1 
International Delight creamer- $2.59 {2} .55/1
Popsicle Novelty pops- $1.49 {3} .30/1
Retail- $36.42
OOP- $20.07
Saved: 55%

Not too shabby! :)

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